Decontamination System

The Bio-Waste Decontamination System from Budzar Industries decontaminate liquid infectious waste for laboratory, production, and research facilities.  Decontamination of bio-waste is crucial to ensure that pathogenic organisms which may pose a risk to the environment are neutralized.

We offer both Batch Bio-Waste or Continuous Flow Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems to ensure that all active organisms are completely neutralized, and the effluent PH and temperature are within acceptable ranges prior to discharge.

The heavy-duty bio-waste deactivation system comes complete with a control panel that incorporates MHI and PLC.  The PLC will monitor and control the inactivation cycle and the exit temperature out to drain.  The system includes a collection tank and a 304SS ASME inactivation tank with pumps, and level switches.  The pumps included with the inactivation tank promote circulation in the inactivation tank on both heating and cooling modes.  The inactivation tank heating is supplied with either vent vapor steam heater or and electric immersion heater and cooling is handled by an ASME coded shell & tube heat exchanger.

Decontamination may be achieved with batch or continuous process. The Budzar Industries Bio-Waste Decontamination System provides you the flexibility to develop the system best suited to your process.

The bio-waste decontamination system from Budzar Industries is available in a wide variety of capacities and configurations from a small laboratory to a large production facility and may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Bio-Waste Decontamination System Features include:

  • Precise temperature control to +.5°C or better
  • Batch process or continuous process
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel channel & angle iron framework
  • Stainless steel collection tank
  • Level transmitter on collection tank
  • 304 stainless steel ASME Coded inactivation tank
  • Centrifugal type, close-coupled mechanical seal pump
  • Immersion heater or vent vapor steam heater
  • Brazed plate economizer exchanger
  • Retention coil
  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
  • Thru-the-door disconnect
  • Motor starters with overload protection
  • E-stop
  • Custom designs built from standard modules for speed of design and manufacturing productivity
  • Time, temperature and PH control
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • PLC Controller PLC programming is completed by experienced Budzar Industries Systems Engineers
Bio-Waste Decontamination System from Budzar Industries


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