Reactor Temperature Control Module

Budzar Industries is dedicated to supplying our clients with premier temperature control systems, with our Director Series Reactor Temperature Control Module being preferred by pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

This temperature control module meets the needs of a variety of industrial processes by using a single heat transfer fluid,  to deliver precise and dependable temperature control to a process vessel across a temperature range of -80°C to +200°C.

These units:

• Utilize an environmentally-friendly refrigerant
• Can facilitate a temperature range of -85° to +200° C
• Are constructed of stainless steel or carbon steel
• Are available in sizes from 20 liters to 500 gallon reactors
• Include PLC control with Data Logging and Trending Software, with self-tuning for accuracy +/- 1°C.

Due to these aspects, our Director Series Reactor Temperature Control Modules have become trusted pieces of equipment for vital industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Additionally, the Director Series has been manufactured to operate with the following reactors:

• Glass-lined
• Teflon-lined
• Rubber-lined
• Stainless steel GRP
• PTFE-lined
• PVC-Lined

These units achieve low temperature control by combining an on-board low temperature refrigeration circuit complete with a compressor, an electronic modulating capacity control, an electronic modulating thermal expansion valve and a compressor suction pressure regulator.

For direct control of the product, an optional cascade control may be incorporated to control temperature of the jacket and the contents.


Reactor Temperature Control

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Director Series Reactor Temperature Control Module Features

In addition to the features listed above, options for these temperature control units include:

• Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC control system with Ethernet communications
• Jacket delivery pressure control via HMI
• Single loop or cascade control
• Secondary independent loop for overhead condenser
• A/B or Carel PLC with graphic user interface,
data collection and trending
• General Duty or Explosion Proof classification
• Budzar Industries’ support and service

Along with these core product features for our Director Series Reactor Temperature Control Modules, it’s also worth noting the models are totally customizable to fit your specific
requirements and are engineered, designed, and
manufactured with time-tested high quality components to operate even in the most demanding situations. By incorporating a seal-less magnetic drive pump a leak-free operation is achieved.

The customized solutions we provide for clients
can include custom solutions with drawings. Best yet, these custom services are provided at rates comparable to off-the-shelf products provided by many other businesses.

For further insights into our Director Series unit, visit its downloadable product information PDF.

Download Product Information – PDF
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