For more than 40 years, Budzar Industries has designed, engineered and manufactured high-quality systems for the pharmaceutical industry.  To meet the demanding and ever evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry,  we provide a wide range of high-performance process temperature control equipment for applications ranging from -100°F to 700°F.

Budzar Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and has the knowledge and experience to develop the exact design to meet your needs.

(FAT) factory acceptance testing is utilized to ensure that the equipment is ready for inspection.  This involves customer communications, validation processes, customer orientation and a complete review of all documents.

Low temperature reactions
Separating processes
Kilo laboratory
Pilot plant
Reactor systems
Process development
Vent Condenser
Rotary Cone Dryer
Tray Dryer
Fermentation Vessels


Chemical Reactor Temperature Control Units from -100° to 750° F
Fluid Heating Systems for Pastillators and Jacketed Piping Systems to 700° F°
Central Chiller Systems from -50° F
Central Thermal Fluid Heater Systems to 750° F
Cryogenic Systems for Recirculating Fluid Temperatures from -100° to 700° F
Recirculating Batch Temperature Control Systems
Biowaste Decontamination Systems
Central System Water-Cooled Chillers
Self-Contained Indoor Air-Cooled Chillers
Intensive Mixer Temperature Control
Multi-zone Hot Water Systems
High-Volume Hot Water Units
Mold Temperature Controllers
Chiller Pump Tank Systems
Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Water Chillers
Cold Rooms


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