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We're exhibiting at the #RubberIEC booth #435. Stop by the booth for a chat and to find out how @Budzar_Ind can help your process. #RubberIndustry #CLEconventions @RubberDivision

Blog post on Air-Cooled Chillers. Check out the post.

New Vice President! You can find all the details here.

Is it a Chiller or an Apartment? If your Mama Robin, it's both! The nest is nestled safely on the Refrigerant Receiver Tank of our chiller. Mama Robin waited patiently for Anthony finish his service call. #chiller #apartment #babybirds #robinsnest #birdsnest #feedthebirds


We opened a closet and found older units we need to sell ASAP. New equipment - never used at reduced prices! From Hot Oil Units, to Granulators, Desiccant Dryers, more. It's first come first serve.

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