Intensive Mixer Dust Stop Seal Oil Recovery System

Since 1975, Budzar Industries has been committed to offering clients high-quality temperature control systems to the rubber industry to meet the needs of their essential operations, and our Mixer Temperature Control Hot Water Unit serves as part of that commitment.

The Mixer Temperature Control multi-zone unit design delivers high-velocity, temperature-controlled water to the mixer sides, rotor, and drop door. A heating option enables quick start-up and eliminates “first-batch” inconsistencies.

Ideal for the rubber and tire industry, our mixer temperature control units have been engineered to:

The dust stop recovery system keeps the rubber mixing area clean and saves money by recovering and reusing dust stop seal oil that drains from the rubber intensive mixer. A hopper built into the recovery system collects dust stop seal oil. The dust stop seal oil is filtered and pumped back to the intensive mixer for reuse. The hopper, pump, valves and pipe are heated to keep the oil fluid and pump able. Automatic controls pump the recovered oil back to the mixer or recirculate it within the recovery system for later use.

Features Include:

  • Eliminate hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Automate dust stop seal oil recovery and reuse


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