If you work in the plastics industry you are keenly aware of the need for delivering high-quality products with little waste. Accurate temperature control is critical in plastics processing and it all starts with understanding the needs of your process.

Most plastic processes (injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, etc) require cooling.

The most effective method of cooling is a plastics chiller. Plastic chillers cool down hot plastic products and maintain stable temperatures throughout production. They work by cycling coolant through the cold side of a processed water system to remove excess heat from molds and transfer that heat to the surrounding environment. Typically the chiller  is designed with a closed loop system to keep outside or environmental debris from mixing with the process water.

Plastic Processes that require Process Temperature Control Equipment include:

  • Injection Molding – accurate temperature control is crucial to maintain the quality of the production line
  • Extrusion – heated plastic is forced through various form shapes. The melted plastic is maintained at the correct temperature for flow, form filling and fast solidification.
  • Rotational Molding – The spinning of a rotating drum moves the melted plastic into mold cavities

For more than 40 years Budzar Industries has been custom engineering, designing, and manufacturing high-quality temperature control equipment for all sectors of the plastics industry including injection molding, blow molding, blown film, profile extrusion, slush molding, and rotational molding.

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver to you the custom solution you need for your plastics process; from a mold temperature controller to a portable chiller, tower tank system, or cooling tower and everything in between. We also deliver and support a line of standard off-the-shelf portable chillers, hot water units, and hot oil units from our Shini USA division.

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