Budzar Botanical - Extraction Industry LogoChillers are included in the extracting process to maintain accurate temperature control. Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers and chiller systems  are engineered, designed, and manufactured to fit your facility’s exact requirements; regardless of size or temperature. No request is too big or too small. We deliver large-scale, extra-low temperature (-80°F) extraction chillers for high volume production facilities or portable low-temperature chillers for smaller facilities.

Budzar Industries has been delivering low-temperature (-80°C) chillers and low temperature chiller systems for decades.  With the recent surge of the extraction industry due to the rise of the cannabis market, companies have looked to the expertise offered by Budzar Botanical in developing extraction chillers and chiller systems.

The Botanical Chiller Extraction line delivers accurate, reliable, and dependable temperature control for maximum extraction in high-performance facilities. Each unit is NEC or UL listed upon request (International options and Hazardous location options are also available).

As specialists in process fluid heat transfer systems for almost 50 years, Budzar Industries has the experience to engineer, design and manufacture the ideal system to meet your specific needs.

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