Industrial Chillers

As a leading manufacturer of industrial chillers, Budzar Industries engineers, designs and manufactures process cooling equipment and systems for applications all over the world. Whether it’s rubber, tire, energy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper or plastic we deliver a heat transfer solution that meets the specific needs and requirements of each and every client and process, regardless of the size or industry.

Industrial Chillers – Air-Cooled • Water-Cooled • Indoor • Outdoor

Each and every Industrial Chiller is engineered, designed and manufactured to meet your exact specifications.  We take the time to fully understand your process and the special needs and requirements.  With a thorough understanding of your process we are then able  to develop for you a system that will provide you an efficient and economical process temperature control solution.

Self-Contained Indoor Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers Self-Contained Indoor Water-Cooled Industrial Chillers Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Industrial Chiller Dual-Circuit Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

Natural Refrigerant Industrial Chillers

Low Charge Ammonia Chiller Propane Chillers Carbon Dioxide Chillers Ammonia Carbon Dioxide Chillers
Ammonia Chiller Ammonia Carbon-Dioxide Chiller from Budzar Industries
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