Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems

Since 1975 we’ve been supplying efficient and accurate Process Temperature Control Systems to a variety of industries including the recreational sports sector. You will find systems engineered, designed and manufactured by Budzar Industries delivering precise temperature control all over the globe.

Maximize Productivity •Energy Efficient


Not all ice facilities are the same and not all require the same refrigeration system. A rink for figure skaters may be a different temperature than a rink specific to hockey. Add to that indoor, outdoor, curling rinks and ice pads and the needs continue to vary. However, all do require highly efficient  and economical refrigeration.  Budzar Industries is able to provide you with a customized Ice Rink Chiller designed, engineered and manufactured to meet your specific ice rink requirements. Whether you have a single rink, double rink, four ice rinks or perhaps more, we have the experience and resources to supply you with the Ice Rink Chiller that your facility requires.

Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems

Budzar Industries Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems are custom designed and manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Each unit is engineered to maximize productivity and provide economical solutions.  All units are factory tested prior to shipment. Some standard features include:

  • Screw Compressors
  • Heat Recovery Capability
  • High Efficiency Brazed Plate Evaporator
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Built-in system redundancy
  • Glycol or calcium chloride brine

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