Multi-Zone Hot Water Quick Change Sliding Tray Unit

Budzar Industries Multi-Zone Hot Water Quick Change Sliding Tray Multi-Zone Hot Water Temperature Control Units provide up to eight independent zone of temperature control, each with its own controls, pump, heater and cooling mode.

The Multi-Zone Units Quick Change Sliding Tray Units save valuable floor space when the process requires control of more than one temperature. A Multi-Zone Quick Change Sliding Tray system is easier to install because there is only a single connection for electricity, cooling fill water and drain lines.

Budzar Industries exclusive sliding tray design eliminates maintenance down time. Each zone is built on its own sliding tray. If a component should fail, simply slide out the tray with the bad part and slide in a new tray – all can be done in less than 60 seconds.

Features include:

  • Each zone is controlled by a “self-tuning” PID microprocessor controller
  • “At a glance” indicator light displays important operating conditions
  • High temperature 300°F EPDM mechanical seal prevents pump seal failure
  • Pressure Switch that protects against pump seal failure and heater burn-out by turning off the pump and heater when there is a loss of pump fill pressure
  • Solenoid cooling control valve
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • Options include:
  • 12kw, 18kw, 24, 36kw
  • Closed-Loop Cooling Heat Exchanger
  • Flow Switch
  • Pump Seal Flush (Not recommended for dirty water)

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