Nuclear Power Plant
Lube Oil Cooling System

The Budzar Industries Lube Oil Cooling System for Nuclear Power Plants has a total heat transfer of 23,000,000 btu/hr and a temperature range of 40 – 230°F. The Dual Plate and Frame exchanger which can be completely cleaned in place in four hours features stainless steel plates, carbon steel fittings and 12” connections Lube Oil System capable of handling 150 pounds of pressure.

The hot side of each exchanger is capable of handling 1,600 gpm (a total of 3,200) of Mobil DTE 797 Oil with an inlet temperature of 145°F and an outlet temperature of 110°F with less than 10 PSI pressure drop while the cooling side handles 3,500 gpm per exchanger for a total of 7,000 gpm with an inlet temperature of 95°F and an outlet temperature of 110°F

The system utilizes a Carbon Steel Dual Basket Strainer containing #10 mesh filter bags which filter out cooling water particles prior to reaching the exchanger. The strainer also has Nitral Rubber Gaskets, Differential Pressure Gauges and Switches.

Lube Oil Nuclear Power Plant


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