Negative Pressure
Hot Oil Unit

With the Budzar Industries Negative Pressure Hot Oil unit production will never have to stop because the process develops a leak. An on-board vacuum pump draws heat transfer fluid through the mold rather than force it through the process with pressure-like conventional temperature control units.

A successful negative pressure temperature control system is driven by three critical factors: vacuum pressure, vacuum air CFM and process fluid GPM. The Negative Pressure Hot Oil dual pump design with a separate vacuum and process pump delivers the maximum on all three critical factors.

Features include:

  • An on-board vacuum pump that can deliver up to 24” of mercury (near perfect vacuum)
  • On-board vacuum pump pulls enough CFM to handle all of the oil flow
  • The fluid pump delivers full rated flow to the mold or process even under full vacuum
  • Continue to run a cracked mold safely until maintenance can be scheduled
  • Accelerates mold changeovers
  • Improved operator safety by reducing the risk of accidental hot fluid spray
Negative Pressure Hot Oil Unit


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