Mixer Oil Weigh Unit

The Mixer Oil Weigh Unit from Budzar Industries delivers fast, automatic oil weighing and feeding into intensive mixers with high precision, low maintenance and reliable operation along with volumes of other advantages.

The automatic oil weigh system automatically meters different process oil with high speed and accuracy to your batch mixing operation.  The Mixer Oil Weigh Unit is totally enclosed in a NEMA 12 cabinet to withstand the demanding mixing-room atmosphere and prevent contamination.

The Mixer Oil Weigh Unit delivers precise and automatic oil recipe control which increases productivity, and delivers uniform batch to batch characteristics and reduces the amount of scrap.

The cabinet may be heated via optional electric heater to maintain proper oil flow even in cold mixing rooms. Hot Water heated oil day tanks may be added to store the oils at specific temperatures to allow for faster transfer into the oil weigh system and are sized to match the mixing cycle.

Features include:

  • Fully enclosed NEMA 12 cabinets prevent oil contamination and withstand mixing room atmospheres
  • Vibration-isolated pump motor assemblies
  • Fast/slow speed double-action pneumatic feed valves
  • Available with multiple valve assemblies
  • Heat-able enclosures to ensure proper oil viscosity and accurate flow
  • Stand-alone controls or integrate with the central mixing control system
  • Locking front and rear access doors
  • Vibration isolated 300# load cell externally mounted
  • Thru-the-door disconnect
  • Motor starter with overload protection
  • Stainless steel weigh hoppers
  • Pneumatic actuated fast feed oil valve
  • Pneumatic actuated slow feed oil valve
  • Pneumatic actuated reject valve
  • Externally mounted solenoids for heat protection
  • Start/stop push buttons
  • Finger safe electrical
Mixer Oil Weigh Unit from Budzar Industries


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