Heat Transfer Systems for Pharmaceutical

Heat Transfer Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Director Series Reactor Heat Transfer Systems
The Budzar Industries Director Series Heat Transfer System for the Pharmaceutical Industry. An environmentally friendly refrigerant achieves a temperature range of -80° to +285° C and is suitable for applications requiring a wide range of heating and cooling applications with a single heat transfer fluid.

The Director Series Heat Transfer System features stainless steel construction and is available in sizes for 20 liters to 500 gallon reactors and includes PLC control with Data Logging & Trending Software with Self Tuning for accuracy +/- 1o C.

Features Include:

  • Temperature Range from -80° to +285° C
  • Sizes from 20 Liter to 500 Gallon Reactors
  • Jacket Delivery Pressure Control
  • Single Loop or Cascade Control
  • General Duty or Explosion Proof Classification
  • PLC Control, Data Logging & Trending Software, Self Tuning for Accuracy +/- 1°C
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