Glycol Feed Systems

The Glycol Feed Systems from Budzar Industries are designed for industrial applications that require maintaining a system pressure up to 100 PSIG.  The Glycol Feed Systems automatically maintain pressure in the loop by adding glycol solution to make up for losses which occur due to bleed/relief valve leakage or evaporation.

glycol_feed_system-maroon.-334x466jpgThe addition of Glycol is controlled by a pressure switch with an adjustable set point and pressure differential. When the pressure in the loop reaches the low set point, the pump begins to feed glycol into the system until the differential set point is achieved.

Features of the Glycol Feed Systems Include:

  • 50 gallon polyethylene tank
  • Steel frame
  • Bronze rotary gear pump
  • Float switch for low level pump shutoff and alarm
  • NEMA 4X control panel

Product Information Sheet – PDF