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Budzar Industries combines the engineering expertise and decades of process temperature control experience to produce a family of Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers delivering the highest quality available in the botanical extraction industry. Our cooling systems are ideal for both large and small scale industrial cannabis manufacturing and processing.

The Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers achieve a temperature range of -80°+200°C with an environmentally friendly single heat transfer fluid.

Featuring stainless-steel construction, the Extraction Chillers are available in sizes from 20 liters to 500 gallon reactors and include a PLC control with Data Logging & Trending Software with Self Tuning for accuracy +/- 1°C.  The Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers feature all welded and flanged construction with a seal-less magnetic drive pump for a leak-free operation.

The Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers deliver accurate and reliable temperature control to your process vessel.



Budzar Botanical Construction & Components

The Budzar Botanical Extraction Chillers feature  all welded and flanged construction along with a seal-less magnetic drive pump for a leak free operation.  The leak-free pump may be controlled by an optional variable frequency drive that allows the jacket delivery pressure to be precisely maintained anywhere from 4 PSI to 50 PSI.

Trouble free low temperature control is delivered via an on-board low temperature refrigeration circuit complete with a compressor, an electronic modulating hot gas by-pass valve, an electronic modulating thermal expansion valve, and a compressor suction regulator.

An electric immersion heater is energized by an SCR for true modulating output and extreme accurate temperature control.

The expansion tank is thermally isolated from the process loop to maintain the ambient temperature of the fluid in the tank and to protect the fluid from oxygen and thermal related damage.

Features include:

  • Temperature Range from -80° to +200° C
  • Sizes from 20 Liter to 500 Gallon Reactors
  • Jacket Delivery Pressure Control
  • Single Loop or Cascade Control
  • General Duty or Explosion Proof Classification
  • Seal-less magnetic drive pump
  • SCR Modulating Heater Control
  • Welded and Flanged Construction
  • Factory Tested Prior to Shipment

Features of the PLC control include:

  • Selectable Temperature Control, Jacket or Vessel Contents
  • Graphic Class l, Div ll User Interface with an easy to use touch screen
  • Ability to store temperature recipes
  • Communication options include RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Data Logging and trending software
  • Self-Tuning for Accuracy +/-1°C
  • Option for DH+, Controlnet & Devicenet available
Budzar Botanical Extraction Chiller Cannabis Chiller


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