Custom Portable Hot Oil Unit

Custom Portable Hot Oil Unit
Budzar OTP Series Portable Hot Oil Units are engineered for high operating temperature applications. The GOL Series is capable of oil temperatures up to 450°F. The GOM Series operates up to 550°F and the GOH Series operates up to 650°F.

Ultra low watt density heaters (under 22 watts/In2) prevent the oil from “coking”. Coking fouls the process equipment, the hot oil unit and destroys the oil. A positive displacement gear pump provides proper flow over the heaters even during the cold start up.

Other features include:

  • Non-proprietary PID microprocessor controller with a 5 year warranty
  • All welded and flanged pipe construction prevents leaks
  • Multiple heater design minimizes overall size of the unit while maintaining low heater watt density
  • Factory tested prior to shipment

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