Self-Contained Indoor
Air-Cooled Chillers

Budzar Industries Self-Contained Indoor Air-Cooled Chillers with a standard cooling capacity of 13.7 tons to 34.5 tons are “mini-central” systems combining the chiller unit and pump tank system into one easy-to-install unit.

The self-contained indoor air-cooled chillers feature a rugged “Copeland” semi-hermetic compressor with a capacity control valve. The cylinder unloading capacity control valve automatically adjusts the chiller capacity to approximate the existing load.

Approximating the load component wear is minimized, and yields nearly proportional energy cost-savings as unloading demands less electrical energy to meet reduced loads. By reducing component wear and creating less electrical demands on reduced loads, cost savings result.

The air-cooled condenser in the self-contained indoor air-cooled chiller features a belt-driven squirrel cage type blower to produce quiet and efficient airflow through the condenser. The condenser/blower discharge can be ducted with a link damper to direct the warm condenser discharge air indoors in the colder months to supplement the facility heating and outdoors in the warmer months for improved plant ventilation.

An integral water reservoir in the self-contained indoor air-cooled chiller stabilizes supply water temperatures. The water reservoir “buffers” the return water temperature variations possibly caused by cyclical loads.

A dedicated chiller supply pump guarantees a proper, consistent flow through the chiller evaporator, maximizing chiller service life. A separate “high-flow” process pump delivers water to the process at a flow rate intended to minimize the process temperature gradient, thereby enhancing your product consistency and quality.

Numerous industries, including energy, food, medical,  plastics, pharmaceutical, rubber, tire, and semiconductor, use self-contained indoor air-cooled chillers from Budzar Industries for accurate temperature control.

Self-Contained Indoor Air-Cooled Chiller Features Include:

  • Copeland semi-hermetic compressor
  • Hot-gas bypass
  • Steel-shell and copper tube condenser coil
  • Condenser cooling via belt-driven squirrel cage blower(s)
  • Mild steel divided reservoir tank with external insulation and internal epoxy coating
  • Liquid-level sight-glass
  • NEMA 1 rated electrical enclosure
  • Easily adjustable, solid-state construction temperature controller
  • High pressure refrigeration safety control
  • Unit indicator lights and operating switches mounted in the enclosure door
  • Freezestat (unit shuts down below a certain setpoint to prevent freeze damage)
  • Flowswitch (unit shuts down when flow through the evaporator is lost)
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Factory tested prior to shipment

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