Water-Cooled Chillers

Low-Temperature Water-Cooled Chillers from Budzar Industries deliver optimum chiller performance. With a cooling capacity of -40°F (-80°F upon request) and a capacity of 558 tons our low-temperature water-cooled chillers are engineered, designed, and manufactured to your exact specifications.


Our low-temperature water-cooled chillers feature a low-temperature semi-hermetic screw compressor that contains only three moving parts (two rotor assemblies and the capacity controlling slide valve). With only three moving parts, the compressor has increased reliability and longer life. The compressor resists liquid slugging that could severely damage the compressor, valves, pistons, and cylinders.


The slide valve, positioned over both the male and female rotors, modulates the capacity to closely match the required cooling load. As the load increases or decreases, the variable unloader valve makes necessary adjustments. 


Budzar Industries has been engineering, designing, and manufacturing low-temperature water-cooled chillers for decades. Our engineering team works with you and our sales team to develop a custom chiller engineered and designed to meet your exact specifications. Low-temperature water-cooled chillers from Budzar Industries are found in various chemical, extraction, food, medical, and pharmaceutical production facilities all over the world.


Low-Temperature Water-Cooled Chillers Features include:

  • Temperatures to -80°F
  • Heavy Duty Structural Channel Frame Rails
  • Welded and Flanged Construction
  • Semi-hermetic helical screw compressor
  • Modulating slide valve
  • Electronic modulating HGBP valve
  • ASME Coded Shell & Tube Style Evaporator
  • ASME Coded Steel Shell /Copper Tube Type Condenser
  • Suction, discharge, oil pressure gauges
  • Sight glass moisture indicator
  • Replaceable core-type filter/drier
  • Cylindrical sealed reservoir with carbon steel flanges
  • Close coupled, cast iron chiller pump with TEFC motor
  • Close coupled, cast iron process pump with TEFC motor
  • Discharge pressure transducer
  • Close couple, cast iron common standby pump with TEFC motor
  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure
  • Non-fused disconnect
  • High & low pressure safety controls
  • PLC Control & Display
  • Pump discharge pressures and flows
  • Compressor suction pressure, temperature and superheat
  • Compressor discharge pressure
  • Liquid refrigerant temperature and sub-cooling
  • Evaporator inlet/outlet temperature
  • Compressor pump status
  • User selectable feature for lead/lag compressor
  • Selectable controlled parameters
  • Non-proprietary components
  • Factory Tested Prior to Shipping

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