Cold Rooms

Budzar Industries Cold Rooms and Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are designed to store and protect critical samples.

The Budzar Industries Cold Rooms address cold storage concerns by reliably storing material at temperatures ‹30º.

Each Budzar Industries Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is constructed for temperature stability within 1ºC gradient. Multiple fans provide precise air circulation ensuring temperature stability.

A PLC Temperature Control Systems with PID capability provides temperature accuracy within 1º C and is essential in preventing under/over temperature swings. The system also features finger-safe terminal blocks, large on-board non-volatile memory, Real Time Clock capabilities for data monitoring and adjustments.

Multiple temperature sensors distributed throughout the Ultra Low Temperature Freezer constantly monitor the temperature. A temperature probe is strapped to the evaporator coil continually monitors the evaporator temperature.

Due to inherent moisture accumulation on the coil surface, a defrost cycle is required – either hot gas or electric defrost. This defrost cycle is initiated when the temperature difference between the coil and room sensor reaches the critical set point.

The defrost cycle design includes:

  • A door limit switch which turns off the cooling unit whenever the door or doors are opened
  • Drainpipe and heat trace
  • Critical Temperature Alarm


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