Central Water-Cooled Chillers

Budzar Industries Central Water-Cooled Chillers, with a standard cooling capacity of 10 tons to 300 tons, are designed for industrial processing applications where +85°F cooling tower water is available. The modular design offers money-saving flexibility since you only buy the capacity required today.

With 19 Single, Dual, and Multiple Compressor configurations with either screw or scroll compressor types the Budzar Industries Central Water-Cooled Chillers are designed for processes requiring chiller fluid temperatures from +20°F to 60°F.

The compressors (both scroll and screw) feature automatic cylinder-unloading capacity control via a multi-step solid-state sequencing controller to throttle the unit’s cooling capacity in response to return water temperature (indicative of existing loads). The cylinder-unloading capacity control is beneficial because the cooling capacity is appropriately adjusted, resulting in energy savings and maximizing component life.

The Budzar Industries Central Water-Cooled Chillers feature both Freezestat (unit shuts down below a certain setpoint to prevent freeze damage) and Pressurestat (prevent expensive freeze damage to the chiller).

A steel-shell, cooper-tube condenser, tube-accessible (tower water side) for easy maintenance is utilized on the refrigerant circuit. A water-regulating valve is provided to ensure that a constant refrigerant head pressure is maintained.

Numerous industries, including chemical, defense, food, medical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, semiconductor, tire, and semiconductor use central water-cooled chillers from Budzar Industries for accurate process temperature control.


Features of Central Water Chillers Include:

  • Copeland semi-hermetic compressor
  • Suction discharge service valve, crankcase heater
  • A.S.M.E. coded steel shell/copper tube type condenser
  • Suction, discharge, oil pressure gauges/isolation valves
  • Expansion valve, liquid line solenoid and shut-off valve
  • Sight glass/moisture indicator, core-type filter/drier
  • NEMA 1 enclosure for safety controls/contactors
  • High pressure safety controls
  • Oil pressure safety controls
  • Automatic pump down controls
  • Staging thermostat
  • Low pressure safety freeze
  • Power, compressor, low flow running/annunciator lights
  • Low pressure “Pressurestat” safety for additional freeze protection
  • High pressure “Pressurestat”
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
Central Water Cooled Chillers


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