Air-Cooled Outdoor
Packaged Chillers

Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Chillers, with a standard cooling capacity of 10 tons to 300 tons, are engineered, designed, and manufactured by Budzar Industries and feature the evaporator, compressors, condenser, and operating controls in an integral skidded package.

Conveniently located on an outside ground level pad or on a plant roof to maximize floor space and minimize installation costs, the air-cooled outdoor packaged chillers feature a rugged skid design and provide an excellent source of chilled water for industrial cooling applications.

The standard designed Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Chillers feature a heavy-duty steel frame skid with galvanized metal and/or aluminum enclosure panels (removable for servicing). A UL stamped weatherproof electrical enclosure houses all controls, and mounted pressure gauges show suction, discharge, and oil pressure for each refrigerant circuit.

“Copeland” semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors serve as the heart of the refrigerant circuit. The  compressor features a slide valve capacity control for infinite capacity modulation between 100% and 25%. The condenser is housed in a heavy-duty steel subframe and uses direct-driven propeller-type fans for efficient condenser cooling.

As experts in custom process temperature control equipment we have the qualified engineering team to design for you an air-cooled outdoor packaged chiller system that will meet your exact specifications.

Numerous industries, including chemical, defense, energy, food, medical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, semiconductor, and tire, use air-cooled outdoor packaged chillers from Budzar Industries for accurate temperature control.

Standard Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Chillers Features Include:

  • 31 single, dual and multiple circuit configurations from 10 to 300 tons, designed to operate in a leaving water temperature (LWT) ranging from 35°F to 55°F
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel enclosure
  • Air-inlet screen
  • Copeland semi-hermetic compressor
  • Steel-shell and cupper tube evaporator heat exchanger
  • Aluminum finned, copper tube condenser coil surface
  • UL listed industrial duty outdoor-rated electrical enclosure
  • Control circuit step-down transformer
  • Oil pressure sensor and safety control with manual reset
  • Fan staging controls
  • High and low pressure refrigeration safety control
  • Pump down pressure control with automatic reset
  • Freezestat (unit shuts down below a certain setpoint to prevent freeze damage)
  • Flowswitch (unit shuts down when flow through the evaporator is lost)
  • Factory-mounted accessories for easy installation
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Factory tested prior to shipment

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