Budzar Industries Announces the addition of Natural Refrigerant Chillers

Budzar Industries announces the addition of Natural Refrigerant Chillers to their line of process fluid heat transfer systems.  The term natural refrigerants refers to chemicals that occur in nature’s biochemical processes.  The major benefit of natural refrigerants is that they do not deplete the ozone layer and have a negligible effect in terms of global warming.  The most common natural refrigerants are Ammonia, Propane and Carbon Dioxide, although there are many others.

Used widely throughout Europe, interest in natural refrigerant chillers is growing in the United States.  Companies want to ensure their future cooling needs are met as they will need to phase out HCFCs and HFCs.  Low charge Ammonia is often the refrigerant of choice because it is safe, cost effective and energy efficient.  The term low-charge indicates that there is 1lb or less per ton of refrigerant utilized.

Given the low content in the Budzar Industries Low Charge Ammonia Chillers there is greatly reduced risk normally associated with conventional systems and given the strong odor of ammonia it is immediately apparent if there is a leak.  Other benefits of low-charge ammonia chillers include highly efficient, cost effective and most importantly will never “Phase-Out”.

Edward George has been tapped to spearhead the new line of Natural Refrigerant Chillers for Budzar Industries.  “Ed has extensive experience in our industry.  He has been selling temperature control systems to the rubber, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for many years. Ed has also developed the large, low temperature, chiller market for the food and LNG industries” according to Dave Young, President of Budzar Industries.

“With the phase-out of HCFCs and HFCs companies need an alternative and using natural refrigerants is the answer.  Natural refrigerant chillers have been used in Europe for years and the US is just starting to catch up.  Ammonia is cost effective and energy efficient, and with the ecological benefits it makes sense. Historically, the US used ammonia for artificial ice production in the 1800’s, so, using ammonia as a refrigerant isn’t anything new,” said Ed George.  “Our line of low charge ammonia chillers includes portable and skid mounted chillers and can utilize 1lb, or less, of ammonia per ton which is incredibly safe.  The natural refrigerant chillers are designed to be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ice rinks, food processing, dairy, HVAC and beverage industries” George continued.

“As specialists in process fluid heat transfer systems for over 40 years, Budzar Industries must continue to lead the way in the heating and cooling technologies, said Young.  As the premier supplier of custom process cooling equipment, we have the engineering, design and manufacturing experience to develop new cooling options.  With Ed on board our position with natural refrigerants has been strengthened immeasurably.”

Budzar Industries specializes in process fluid heat transfer systems. Since 1975, Budzar Industries has earned a reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Today, Budzar Industries systems can be found throughout the world bringing accurate temperature measurement and control to the production of: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, and food.

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