Propane (R290) Heat Pump

Publié par - 15 January 2024

What is a Heat Pump Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling to a building. In the winter, the heat pump provides heating by extracting heat from outside a building and moving it inside. In the summertime, cooling is provided by transferring heat from indoors to outdoors.   How Do Heat Pumps Work? Sourced heat is blown or pumped over the heat exchange surface of the exterior part of the heat pump. This heat is […]

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Extraction Chiller – What You Need to Know

Publié par - 27 January 2022

As more and more states legalize marijuana processing the number of processing facilities continues to grow as well because of the high profitability of the final product.  However, getting to that final product, whether it be TCH or CBD, may be a result of trial and error.  It is through this process, that many learn of the importance of accurate temperature control during the extraction process and the need for an extraction chiller. Extraction Chillers […]

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Understanding Explosion Proof Chillers

Publié par - 10 December 2021

Some chillers operate in dangerous conditions, such as petrochemical plants. In these situations, an added layer of safety is required and that is where an explosion-proof chiller may be necessary. What is an Explosion Proof Chiller? Explosion-proof chillers incorporate a reinforced design that protects the chillers’ electrical components from ambient flammable materials that could cause an explosion. An explosion-proof chiller must be designed and manufactured to adhere to specific regulations to prevent combustion. The National […]

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