Budzar Industries Interviews with HVAC Instructor Joe Lyon of Bates Technical College

At Budzar Industries, we strive to stay up to date on developments within the HVAC industry. To achieve this, we regularly interview industry experts on our blog.

Our next interviewee for our blog series featuring HVAC industry professionals is Joe Lyon of Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. Joe Lyon is an instructor within the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration program and has years of experience working and teaching in the HVAC industry.

In this blog post, Joe Lyon provides his insights on the current state of the HVAC industry, the benefits of pursuing a career in HVAC, and where he believes the field to be heading. Check it out below!


1. How long have you been working in and teaching about the HVAC field, and what led you to it?
I started in the HVAC business in 1975 after I was introduced to the field by my father-in-law. The story is that I jumped into Puget Sound to rescue him and three representatives of a large HVAC distributor. They were floating toward the Pacific Ocean after a rope broke on a float plane. This experience introduced me to the HVAC industry, and I’ve been working in the field ever since.

2. Why do you feel students should pursue HVAC opportunities?
What are some of the benefits you see the field offering?
Students enrolled in the HVAC course through Bates Technical College are readily accepted into HVAC unions within the area upon completion of the program. Additionally, graduates start making 55–60 dollars an hour while working in an industry that is always busy and very stable.

3. What’s your favorite course to teach?
Within the 6-quarter program at Bates Technical College, my favorite course to teach is advanced controls.

4. What’s something about the HVAC field that people would find interesting or surprising?
I think many people do not realize all of the different areas one can work in within this field. HVAC career options include working as an AC technician, an HVAC installer, a refrigeration mechanic, a solar technician, and much more. Additionally, a technician can work anywhere in the world in this industry.

5. Where do you see the industry heading? Will the IoT and similar technologies have an impact?
The HVAC industry is only going to grow and expand. The IoT is becoming the most efficient and reliable control systems in use today, and it is only going to increase as efficiency demands become stronger.

6. What advice would you give to those entering the field?
For those entering the field, I recommend starting with a strong basic training course. From there, you can be trained and advance into a more specific area within the industry. Training will always be part of your HVAC career and you can work at whatever level at which you are comfortable.

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