Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems

Decontamination of bio-waste is crucial to ensure that pathogeniBudzar Industries Bio-Waste Decontamination Systemsc organisms which may pose a risk to the environment are neutralized.  The Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems from Budzar Industries are designed to ensure that all active organisms are completely neutralized and the effluent ph and temperature are within acceptable ranges prior to discharge.

Decontamination may be achieved with batch or continuous process and with our experience, engineering and manufacturing expertise to produce for you either process.  The Budzar Industries Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems provide you the flexibility to develop the Electrical Panel on the  Budzar Industries Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems system best suited to your process


Features Include:

  • Precise temperature control to +.5°C or better
  • Custom designs built from standard modules for speed of design and manufacturing productivity
  • Time, temperature and ph control
  • Batch process or continuous processProcess Schematic for the Budzar Industries Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems Continuous
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • PLC Controller
  • PLC programming is completed by experienced Budzar Industries Systems Engineers


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