Become Energy-Efficient with Budzar Industries

In honor of Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10th, we’re taking a look at ways you can save energy.  The average U.S. household will spend about $2,100 on home energy per year and the average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day.  Americans have a large carbon footprint, but there are ways we can reduce our impact:


Are you aware of how much water you use, both inside and outside your home? If you frequently water your lawn, consider planting flowers, which require less water than grass.  Make pathways out of gravel or build a concrete patio so you have less grass to water.  Take shorter showers and use energy-efficient showerheads which can save water.  Use low-flow faucets which use less water.  Consider turning down the thermostat on your water heater or using cold water to wash your hands.  Wash your clothes in cold water; many washers and detergents nowadays are specifically made for cold water.


Do you ever feel drafts in your house? Check your windows and exterior doors for air leaks.  Apply caulk or weather strips to seal the leaks.  Consider replacing your single-pane windows with double-pane windows.  Close blinds, curtains, or shutters in the summer to keep out the sun and keep your house cool, and open them in the winter to bring in sunlight and warm up the house naturally.  Check to make sure your attic, walls, floors, basement, and crawlspaces are properly insulated.  Ductwork should be inspected, as heated and cooled air can be wasted if the ducts aren’t properly sealed and insulated.


Do you use a lot of electricity? Power down appliances and electronics when not in use and turn off lights before leaving the house.  Switch your lightbulbs to LEDs, which use far less electricity and last much longer than traditional lightbulbs.  Buy a “smart” power strip, which turns off electronics when not in use.  Consider purchasing new appliances which are more energy-efficient; look for ones that have the EPA’s “Energy Star” seal of approval.  Take advantage of your washer’s high spin cycle to help decrease the amount of time your wet clothes spend in the dryer.  Consider purchasing cotton waffle weave towels instead of fluffy towels, since the waffle weave dries quicker.  Use a programmable thermostat to lower your heating and air-conditioning bills and change your furnace and A/C filters frequently.  Set your thermostat high in the summer and low in the winter to further save money.


Do you drive a lot? Don’t speed, as higher speeds burn more fuel and cost you more at the pump.  Did you know that online shopping could reduce energy-consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions by 35%? When you’re not driving from store to store, you can save gas and money by purchasing online instead.  Walk or ride your bicycle to close destinations.  If your commute requires driving, try carpooling with co-workers.

At Budzar, we provide energy-efficient units, such as our water-cooled chillers and natural refrigerant chillers.  For more information, check out our websites: and

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