Specialists in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions for our valued customers.

Budzar Industries, ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a global OEM corporation delivering industrial chillers and thermal control units with result-producing process fluid heat transfer systems for our valued customers in biotech, extraction, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, education, petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and food & beverage industries.

Since its inception, the quality of the products and services of Budzar Industries has been paramount and core value envisioned and ingrained into our employees, processes, products, and services. 

The ever-evolving and challenging requirements of Budzar Industries  highly-regulated customers in various sectors have moved us forward in an information and a data-driven world to provide our valued customers with the best-in-class connectivity and automated solutions by:

  • Relentlessly improving our processes, products, and services
  • Investing in our employee’s well-being and their safety and training
  • On-time delivery of the value-added products and services to our customers
  • Methodically listening to the Voice of Customer to get a complete knowledge of customer satisfaction, their happiness, and perception of our products and services 
  • Continually assessing our supply chain to procure cost-effective solutions to meeting and exceeding the requirements
  • Measuring and assessing our key processes metrics to assure achieving our SMART goals
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of our products and services throughout their life cycle for our interested parties supported by innovative solutions
  • Providing service and non-proprietary spare parts 


Our company, comprised of devoted people from diverse backgrounds, has a singular goal, to deliver the best to our customers in terms of equipment and customer service. As leaders in process temperature control armed with an entrepreneurial spirit based on customization, Budzar Industries is constantly seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions through the Budzar Green line of Natural Refrigerant equipment and continually promoting their benefits to our customers regarding the environment


ISO Certificate of Registration


Quality Policy

Budzar Industries is committed to meeting and exceeding our Customer requirements both stated and implied.  We will achieve this through adherence to our Quality Management System and through a relentless pursuit of improvement in our associates, processes, products, services and quality.

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