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Budzar Industries engineering and design employ specialized design “teams” to handle specific fluid temperature control applications — from cryogenic crystallization systems to high temperature melt systems found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our engineers make the critical time investment to truly understand a process application and its requirements. They then combine solid process design experience and the latest component level technology to ensure delivery of a complete, customized, state-of-the-art “solution.” Budzar’s fluid systems manufacturing experience and 3-D CAD generated designs function as a synchronized unit to optimize plant floor space without compromising equipment maintenance accessibility.

Annual investments in research and development make Budzar the technology leader in the process temperature control industry. We are fully committed to an ongoing investment and maintain an extensive and modern equipment test facility, providing the basis for new product development and the essential feedback required to validate equipment designs and emerging technology. Budzar’s serious emphasis on engineering, computerized research, and extensive testing ensure that each one of our customers benefit from the most up-to-date information, ideas, and technology available.


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At Budzar Industries, engineering discipline and modern manufacturing procedures for welding, pipe fitting, electrical wiring, testing, finishing, and shipping preparation, in conjunction with a rigorous quality control program, guarantee that even the most sophisticated equipment designs are carried through exactly according to plan.

Budzar boasts a manufacturing facility that includes over 75,000 square feet of floor space and material handling capability up to 28,000 pounds, and is equipped to handle all ferrous metals, copper, stainless steels, and plastic (PVC, PE, PVDF) piping materials. Each one of Budzar’s manufactured products is subjected to a full test run in our facility prior to shipment.

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