Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries expands the customer’s buying experience and provides outstanding service along with local support to the Plastic Processing Industry. Whether you are in need of Industrial Temperature Control Equipment (Portable Chillers, Mold Temperature Controllers, Hot Oil Units), Industrial Plastic Scrap Recycling (Low Speed Granulators, Staggered Blade/Beside the Press Granulators, Central Solid Rotor/Staggered Blade Granulators or Central Open Rotor/Scissor Cut Granulators), Hopper Loaders (Compressed Air Venturi Loader, Vacuum Loaders – Self Contained Hopper Loaders), or Dryers (Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Dryer Cabinet Series, Portable Desiccant Wheel Drying Cart with Drying Hopper, Drying Hoppers) or a Hot Air Hopper Dryers Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries will meet your needs.

Since 1980, BV Thermal Systems has produced recirculating chillers and heat exchangers.  With a variety of models including standard temperature (5 – 35°C), low temperature (-40 – +30°C) and extended temperature (-40 – +160°C) as well as rack mounted chillers and heat exchangers. BV Thermal Systems has become a leader in temperature control.  Additionally, BV Thermal Systems is also able to produce reliable fluid temperature control systems running at 200°C and above.

The units manufactured by BV Thermal Systems are manufactured for longevity. We build our units to last, not just through the warranty, but for the life of your tool.  In most cases our units are running for 20, 30 and sometimes even 40 years.

Maintenance of product quality and customer service are the foundations upon which BV Thermal Systems has grown and will continue to serve the high technology temperature control marketplace.  Extensive engineering effort has been provided to design unique plumbing and refrigeration circuits to eliminate the major causes of system failure (coolant and refrigeration leaks).

In addition to its commercial products, BV Thermal Systems has been a pioneer with its program designing custom packaged systems of OEM accounts. Our philosophy is to work closely with OEM account engineers to develop temperature control systems that meet their exact requirements for performance and packaging.

Budzar China, located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province was established in 2006 as an extension of Budzar Industries to service the Asian market.  Since, the inception, Budzar China typically produces 200 temperature control units annually and is continuing to grow and add personnel.

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