In the simplest of terms, we at Budzar Industries are about delivering accurate temperature control to your process.

Budzar Industries founded during the recession by Joseph M. Budzar,  and was previously known as Budzar/Berg Industrial Corporation and before that as Berg Industrial Corporation.

Joseph Budzar, with a twist of fate, was given an opportunity to work for TOCCO, a division of The Ohio Crankshaft company. Armed with his intellect, and an Industrial Arts Degree Mr. Budzar developed a big payback for the automotive industry.  He was able to heat treat an axle shaft in ONLY 12 seconds, which previously took ninety seconds.

After a few twists, partnerships, a love of machine design, and a belief in himself Budzar Industries was founded. The first unit produced by the newly formed company was a Temperature Control Unit for the paper industry.  The second unit developed was a machine for Firestone and a new industry, the tire industry.   That second unit proved to be the beginning of Budzar Industries dominating the temperature control market within the rubber industry.

Budzar Industries Early Literature

In 1988 Budzar Industries was sold to the Young Family and David F. Young became president. With Dave Young guiding the company, Budzar Industries continued to grow, and in 1999 the company moved to a 90,000 ftin Willoughby, OH.

In 2003 a partnership was formed with a Shini Plastics Technology to form the Shini USA division, a distributor of Plastics Auxiliary Equipment. With Budzar Industries’ expertise in temperature control, a line of standard Portable Chillers and Mold Temperature Control units was developed.  Over the subsequent years, additional equipment specific to the plastics industry was added including granulators, dryers, loaders, etc.

In 2009 Budzar China was created to handle the inquiries and manufacturing needs of the Pacific Rim. Budzar China has a 5,100 ft2 of office space and 30,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in the Zhejian Province of China.

In 2014, BV Thermal Systems located in California was purchased by Budzar Industries.  BV Thermal Systems provides recirculating chillers and fluid to fluid heat exchangers to a variety of industries and institutions including semiconductor, optical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, research and universities among others.

In August of 2018, Budzar Industries was acquired by Multistack, the inventor and manufacturer of modular chillers.  Budzar Industries acts as a wholly owned subsidiary, akin to Multistack’s other subsidiaries, Desert Aire and Standard Refrigeration.

Literature from the start of Budzar Industries

Today, operating as Budzar Industries, LLC, the company’s focus is to deliver accurate temperature control. Budzar Industries, LLC, an ISO 9001:2015 company, has engineered, designed, and manufactured equipment that can be found all over the world. We have established a global reputation for delivering quality and ingenuity in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of temperature control systems.

As leaders in process temperature control and with concerns about the environment Budzar Industries has added Budzar Green, a line of Natural Refrigerant chillers to the equipment offered. The Budzar Green line is engineered, designed and manufactured to deliver accurate process temperature control and reduce carbon emissions.  The natural refrigerant line of chillers and chiller heat/pumps join a full line of standard Heat Transfer Systems including Hot Water Systems, Hot Oil Systems, Oil Weigh Systems, Central Chiller Systems, Portable Air-Cooled, and Water-Cooled Chillers, Indoor and Outdoor Chillers, Cooling Towers and Pump Tank Systems, and Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems, among others.

Quality control is essential to the manufacturing process. Every department within Budzar Industries is challenged to look for opportunities to work together to improve the overall process. Beginning with the Sales Department to Engineering to Global Sourcing to Manufacturing each department is challenged to find opportunities to work together and improve the overall process.

As Budzar Industries, LLC looks to the future and focusing on Natural Refrigerants, it still maintains the visionary zeal and family values that Joseph M. Budzar instilled when he put his name on the business.

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