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Integrity, quality, and precision engineering make Budzar Industries a standout among the competition.
A solid reputation is built on longevity, engineering excellence, quality workmanship, and customer service. Budzar Industries has specialized in process fluid heat transfer systems since 1975. As a result, Budzar has earned a global reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Just look around. You will find Budzar systems in action throughout the world, delivering accurate temperature measurement and control to the production of chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Why Call On Budzar Industries for Your Temperature Control Systems Needs?


Budzar equipment and engineering gives the producer precise controls over process variables. Budzar’s chillers, hot water systems, hot oil systems, cooling towers, pump tank systems, and the Budzar World Alliance family of portable temperature control systems, equal greater productivity, extended equipment life, increased productive capacity, and power and resources conservation, which equates to time and bottom line savings. Budzar is committed to operating with complete integrity and delivering the highest quality equipment and services available today.

Budzar’s Engineered Systems Division is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced engineers who stand ready to meet your needs — from forward-thinking engineering and design to aftermarket service. The Engineered Systems Division can apply standard systems or custom solutions with temperature control ranging from chillers down to -100° F, hot oil systems up to 750° F, and everything in between. Whether custom designed to be explosion-proof, to meet extreme temperature ranges, to match your company’s specifications or to meet crucial space problems our engineers will meet the challenge while assuring quality on every job.

Repeat customers are Budzar’s biggest compliment, proof of Budzar’s high level of quality products, manufacturing standards, and customer service. In excess of 70% of Budzar’s annual business volume comes from satisfied customers and partners representing a vast spectrum of industry applications. Budzar is committed to developing and maintaining long-lasting business relationships, and we would be pleased to add your company to our list of valued clients.

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