Carbon Dioxide Chillers

Ammonia Carbon-Dioxide Chiller from Budzar Industries

From an environmental viewpoint, Carbon Dioxide Chillers  (CO2) are incredibly attractive.  Carbon Dioxide is naturally occurring and abundant in the atmosphere.  Add to that it is a very good heat transfer coefficient, is relatively insensitive to pressure losses and has very low viscosity.

Budzar Industries has developed a Carbon Dioxide Chiller liquid Carbon Dixiode (CO2) as the secondary refrigerant.  This Ammonia-Carbon Dioxide Chiller is intended for facilities that require cold storage or combined freezer and cold storage.  Using the combination reduces the ammonia charge by up to 90% as compared to ammonia only systems.  Carbon Dioxide is non-flammable, non-toxic and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)=0, and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP)=1.

Benefits of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Chillers

  • Environmentally Safe; ammonia exists here on earth and CO2 is already in the atmosphere
  • Significantly higher volumetric cooling capacities
  • Leaks will not damage products
  • Highly efficient even in large systems
  • CO2 is non‐toxic and non‐flammable

The Carbon Dioxide Chillers from Budzar Industries use are based on more than 40 years of engineering, designing and manufacturing experience in the process heat transfer industry.  Carbon Dioxide chillers, manufactured with industrial quality components are selected to give our chillers a long service life, deliver reliability, accuracy and dependability using a natural refrigerant and are safe for the environment.

Features of Carbon Dixiode Chillers

  • Floating head pressure control
  • Floating suction pressure control
  • Close evaporator temperature approach
  • Efficient compressor loading philosophy
  • PLC Control
  • Low charge -less than 2lb/TR